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(below predominantly scientific papers are listed, chosen of about 100 in total including basics for farmers, advisers, experts.

Selected Publications on Organic Farming - Watershed Management - Nutrient Nitrogen Management

Haas, G. 2005: Organic agriculture in North-Rhine-Westphalia: Empirical Analyses of the heterogeneous spatial distribution. Agrarwirtschaft 54/2, 119 - 127.

Haas, G., H. Brand, M. Puente de la Vega 2007: Nitrogen from hairy vetch (Vicia villosa Roth) as winter green manure for white cabbage in organic horticulture. Biological Agricultural and Horticulture 25, 37-53.

Haas, G., C. Deittert 2007: Impact of feeding pattern and feed purchase on area- and cow-related dairy performance of organic farms. Livestock Science 106, 132-144.

Haas, G., C. Deittert, U. Koepke 2007: Farm-gate nutrient balance assessment of organic dairy farms at different intensity levels in Germany. Renewable Agriculture and Food Systems 22, 223-232.

Haas, G., B. Caspari, U. Köpke 2002: Nutrient cycle on organic farms: stall balance of a suckler herd and beef bulls. Nutrient Cycling in Agroecosystems 64, 225-230.

Haas, G., M. Berg, U. Koepke 2002: Nitrate leaching: comparing conventional, integrated and organic agricultural production systeems. In: Agricultural Effects on Ground and Surface Waters. Intern. Assoc. of Hydrological Sciences, Publ. no. 273, Oxfordshire, Uk, 131-136.

Haas, G. 2004: Impact of best management practise in organic agriculture on aquatic resources. Pro-Bio- 4th European summer academy on Ecol. Farming, 30.06.-2.7.2004, Lednice, Czech Republic.

Haas, G. 1995:  Improved selection of experimental sites on a heterogeneous soil by field crop monitoring and mapping, uniformity trials, aerial photography and precise surveying. Phd thesis, publisher: Verlag Dr. Köster, ISBN 3-89574, Berlin, 147 p.

Haas, G. 2006: Organic Aquaculture: Principles, strategies and environmental impact. Seminar, 16 Oct 2006, Research Institute of Organic Agriculture, Dankook University, Cheonan, Republic of Korea.

Haas, G. 2006: Soil and plant nutrition adapted to organic agriculture: European developments - Organic Agriculturare Approach in Europe - Nitrogen Farm Management - Ecobalances/Life-Cycle-Assessment - Dairy Farming. Seminars, 28 - 30 Nov 2006, Cegep de Victoriaville, Quebec, Canada.

Haas, G. 2007: Organic Farming: Principles, strategies and concept in Germany and Europe - case study reaserch farm for organic farming Wiesengut of the University of Bonn. Seminar for the delegation from the Zheijinang Province, China.

Haas, G., S. Galusca, O. Portariuc 2008: Agricultura Ecologica - Perspectives and Marketing of Organic Farming in the Republic of Moldova. Seminars for farmers and ACSA extension services in the districts/cities of Ocnita, Singerei and Glodeni in northern Moldova. 16 - 18 July 2008, Moldova.

Selected Publications on Climate Change - CO2-Emission - Agriculture

Haas, G., U. Geier, D. G. Schulz, U. Köpke 1995: Comparing conventional and organic agriculture - part I: climate relevant carbon dioxide emission from the use of fossil energy use. Berichte ueber Landwirtschaft 73, 401 - 415.

Köpke, U., G. Haas 1995: Comparing conventional and organic agriculture - part II: climate relevant carbon dioxide reduction through plants and soil. Berichte ueber Landwirtschaft 73, 416-434.

Haas, G., U. Geier, D. G. Schulz, U. Köpke 1995: The climate relevance of the agricultural sector in the Federal Republic of Germany: reduction in carbon dioxide emission. Berichte ueber Landwirtschaft 73, 387-400.

Haas, G., J. Heinzemann, M. Lange, J. Neuendorf & J. Wegener 2007: Stop Climate Change Standards zur Implementierung des Systems "Stop Climate Change". Version 1.0, Stand 1.07.2007, Göttingen.

Selected publications on  Ecobalances - Life-Cycle-Assessment

Haas, G., F. Wetterich 2000: Optimizing agri-environmental program to reduce negativ environmental impact in the  Allgaeu region using life cycle assessment. Berichte ueber Landwirtschaft 78, 92-105.

Haas, G., F. Wetterich, U. Geier 2000: Life cycle assessment framework in agriculture on the farm level. J. of Life Cycle Assessment 5 (6), 345-348.

Haas, G., F. Wetterich, U. Köpke 2001: Comparing intensive, extensified and organic grassland farming in sou­thern Germany by process life cycle assessment. Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment 83/1-2, 43-53.

Haas, G., U. Geier, B. Frieben, U. Köpke 2005: Estimation of environmental impact of conversion to organic agriculture in Hamburg using the Life-Cycle-Assessment method. Published by Institute of Organic Agriculture - Univ. Bonn.

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