Key qualifications of Mr. Dr. Guido HAAS  

  • Person
    An experienced agriculture engineer-agronom for over 25 years with profound up-to-date knowledge of farming practice, consulting, and research.
  • Freelance Senior Consultant & International Development Cooperation 2005 - ongoing = to serve
    Professional services, audits and expertise: strategic and conceptual process farm management,
    crop and livestock cattle production planning; cost-profit analyses, steering, and controlling.
     - Human resources analyses and improvement, qualification, and on-the-job training.
     - Investors feasibility analyses, audit, management, controlling, and check of farm production.
     - Advice on control, documentation of regulations and standards of organic farming.
     - Capacity-Institutional Development and Change Management: Consultant, Trainer/Speaker, and or Team leader for Development Cooperation of GIZ/CIM and other donors/NGOs/firms in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Canada, Cyprus, Georgia, Greece, Japan, Korea, Moldova, Romania, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Serbia, Thailand.

  • Farm Management 2013 - 2019 = to lead
    Serving for 6 years as general manager to restructure and reorganize a conventional farming producer group in Western Romania (Banat):  
    Implement professional processes of planning, implementing, reporting, controlling; purchasing inputs and machines - selling crops, cattle and milk - profit-cost-analyses - liquidity management;
       Production  of cash crops & forage of 9.000 ha, grassland/set aside land of 7.000 ha, dairy and suckler-cow herds of 1.500 head; renewing agricultural machinery: purchase, implementing a repair and mainte-nance system, fleet management of trucks and other vehicles;  renovate 2 grain processing and storage facilities (28.000 t);
       Human resources of 175 staff of the group, e.g. salary system based on transparent evaluation of competence, performance and social skills;  providing expert training and education.