Key qualifications of Mr. Guido HAAS  

  • A vastly experienced and highly regarded sustainable and organic agriculture expert for over 25 years with extensive and profound up-to-date knowledge of farming practice, farm management and planning, profit-cost-analyses and controlling, extension, training, research, control-inspection, audit and market.
  • Currently serving predominantly as general director for an agricultural farming group in Western Romania responsible for total farm operation and production of cash crops, forage, grassland use, dairy and suckler-cow herds plus bull fattening, agricultural machinery purchase, maintenance and repair system, fleet management of trucks, pick-ups and other vehicles, full processing and storage facilities and human resources of 180 staff.
  • Has designed and conducted as a team leader several donor funded and clearly objective-oriented organic farming projects. Successfully brought together numerous experts, advisors and staff from very different kinds of administrative bodies and to integrate them in the work. As a result, is fully familiar with project cycle management as well as the rules and procedures of numerous donor agencies, including the European Commission.
  • A highly experienced trainer who has originally developed and successfully conducted vocational training projects, seminars and lectures on organic agriculture and agro-environmental issues for more than 10 years always linking up to date applied scientific knowledge with extension and farming practise.
  • Over the course of 14 years, has gained extensive experience and full working knowledge as a researcher within the Organic Pilot Farm Project in North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) together with farmers, advisers and officials.
  • Has developed several training and teaching graduate courses at the University of Bonn on Principles and basics of organic agriculture; Farm management concepts and strategies; Conversion planning and optimizing organic farm operation; Agro-environ¬≠mental impact of farming on water, soil, climate change, biodiversity, rural landscape image.
  • Served as an Associated Professor in Organic Agriculture at the Institute of Organic Agriculture - University of Bonn:
  • Due to his highly regarded agriculture expertise he is serving as a scientific reviewer for several inter-national agricultural journals and conference proceedings as well as an evaluator of applications for donor agencies.
  • Has earned a high reputation as an agriculture expert and scientist through an impressive publication list which comprises above 100 contributions from a wide spectrum of topics reaching from original refereed scientific contributions, policy and decision support reports to popular-science and practice-oriented articles in farming journals.
  • That expertise reputation led to about 120 training, lectures and seminars on organic agriculture in front of varying audiences (decision makers, advisers, farmers, students, civil servants, shop assistants, interested public) (total list and free copies on request, see presentations for selected papers).

For more details please ask for my EU-Form-CV file listing former and current projects.

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