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agrarEXPERTise is specialised on sustainable and organic farming and environmental issues of farming.  

Areas of particular expertise are

  • Analyses, Planning, and Performance Improvement of sustainable and organic farms

           - Total farm analyses: management - productivity - organization - personal - machinery - economics.
           - Conceptional work - strategic planning - operational strategies - investment and business plans.
           - Converting and improving professional big scale farms and cooperations of farms to sustainable and
             organic farming (analyzing, planning, implementing, managing, field and stable, working in reality!).

  • Framework and Establishment of sustainable and organic agriculture 

         - Surveys, reviews, evaluations and fact finding missions
             of production, processing, resources, infrastructure and market.
           - Feasibility studies and recommendations for decision makers.
           - Policy and administration support - capacity building - extension agencies.

  • Environmental Impact of Farming

              - Adapting land use management particular catchment sensitive farming (nitrate vulnerable zones)
    (see file)
              - Analyzing nutrient management flow and setting up nutrient budgets and nutrient balances.
              - Developing agro-environmental measures and programs to support sustainable farming.
              - Performing Life-Cycle-Assessment - Ecobalances - Process-Quality Management (see LCA).

    • Training (TVET/VET) - Technical Vocational Education and Training (see Training).
    • Analyzing the regional distribution of farms, farm types according site conditions, farming background/framework, farmers knowledge and management skills and market.
    • Designing and implementing research: On-farm, pilot farm network, universities, research centres.
    • Writing and editing advisory leaflets, factsheets, technical manuals and scientific reports.
    • Evaluating of curricula, donor application, publications for international journals and conferences.

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