agrarEXPERTise services by Guido HAAS 
focuses on sustainable - conventional farming and organic farming for

The private farm sector

  •  (Interim) General management, if needed also to reorganize /restructure to become profitable in farming
  •  Strategic and conceptual process farm management, advice and organizational development
     of crop and livestock production and personal
  •  Check and purchase of appropriate modern machinery set up and livestock housing facilities.
     Identify and connect best fitting brand and supplier according performance, quality, service and price
  •  Detailed cost-profit analyses, set up, steering, and controlling of a profitable farm production
  •  Human resources, job description, motivation, salary system, qualification, and on-the-job training

Land owner and investor
  • Objective and competent feasibility analyses with specific focus on a sound and profitable production concept and its realization.
  • Controlling, audit and full farm operational and agronomic analysis of ongoing production
  • Evaluate the production potential and status-quo using key-performance-data-references

Organic farmer and importer of organic food
  • Agronomic basic check of organic farming if in real functional and profitable.
  • How to fulfill organic farming basics and legislative framework when being controlled and certified?
    You want to become certified? But you don't know if and how to fulfill the standards and regulations?
  • Importer Audit:  Internationally there is way too much fraud and cheating taking place. "Just" free of pesticide residues at single sampling is not sufficient at all to confirm organic standards being fulfilled even when certified.

International Cooperation Consultancies and NGOs

  • e.g. organic farming and general farming VET projects (e.g. EU-AID,NGOs, GIZ, CIM)
  • as ST/LT Key-Expert, Team Leader, Trainer, Freelance Senior Consultant.

Work is done on a fee-for-service basis from one day up to long term contracts and projects.
Terms and conditions depend on duration, work conditions, task and expertise needed.

I am based in Germany near the city of Bonn south of Cologne (airport)
or only 1 h from Frankfurt-Airport

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