agrarEXPERTise advisory services is specialized on sustainable and organic agriculture (organic farming), natural resource management (e.g. watershed land use), and environmental impact of farming

I personally provide high qualified agriculture advice, training, technical assistance, expertise, audit and research services for

- The private farming sector
(farmers, investors, land owners, agriculture and food businesses),

International consultancies, consortia and NGOs, e.g. organic farming projects (like for EU-AID)
   as ST/MT/LT  Key-Expert, Team Leader, Trainer, Freelance Consultant,

- Local, national and international governments, authorities and public bodies.

Work is done on a fee-for-service basis from one day up to long term contracts and projects. Terms and conditions are negotiable depending on duration, task and expertise needed.

I am cross-linked to several other qualified consultant and consultancies advisory services specialised on efficient and productive sustainable and organic farming and environmental impact of farming. Thus I am able to cover the total organic agriculture food chain from fields to table or stable to table.

The consultancy was founded by Dr. Guido Haas, a  consultant specialised on organic farming advice, training, and research. I am based near the city of Bonn south of Cologne in Germany.

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